Glad Aluminum Foil box

Around The House


Create a Disposable Paint Palette

Tear off a large sheet of Glad™ Aluminum Foil and fold in half. Crimp the edges of the foil to create a disposable tray. For a sturdier surface, cut a circle out of cardboard and cover the cardboard in Glad™ Aluminum Foil and let the painting begin!


Get Rid of Rust

Crumple up a small sheet of Glad™ Aluminum Foil and lubricate it with a little water. Rub the rust stain and watch it disappear!


Keep Pests Away

Hang strips of Glad™ Aluminum Foil around the garden and on fruit trees branches to keep birds and small animals at bay. The foils shiny surface and the metallic sounds will make critters wary, and steer them away from eating your plants vegetables and fruit.


Sharpen Scissors

Fold and refold a single sheet of Glad™ Aluminum Foil several times over. Cut through the layers of foil with a pair of scissors to sharpen the blades.


Iron More Efficiently

Use Glad™ Aluminum Foil to line your ironing board, placing it under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect heat back through the items you are pressing, helping your iron to smooth wrinkles more quickly.